Friday, June 21, 2013

WOW Installations

 Work begins on installing Buket Akiz's written piece on the side wall of the library. It's a difficult and slow process, and we realise that this installation process of all of the WOW poetry will not be finished in just a couple of days as estimated in the original plan. Some bricks are denser than other bricks. These ones on the library wall are particularly dense.

There is another line to this couplet by Buket Akiz, it will be installed next week if all goes well with Plan B. 
Looks great, doesn't it?
Already there have been a lot of positive comments about it from members of Horsham's public.

Below are some more images of the library car-park WOW wall, which looks so fabulous in the morning sunlight. I know I've posted some detailed images of this wall up already, but the sunlight makes such a difference, the colours are really fantastic!


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  2. Sorry, this took me nearly a year to discover your comment. Thank-you. I'm very interested in anything that is recycled and "green", so I hope your business continues to flourish.