Saturday, June 15, 2013

Horsham Library Wall - Part 2

Session 2 on the Horsham Library Wall, and it's full already! This week, the WOW team focused on enhancing the wall: filling the gaps, colouring, and adding final messages. 
We had Shauna Stringer join us again this week, to add the Irish flavour to the library wall, as she did on the Army Lane wall. 
Congratulations to the WOW team, it's getting pretty cold after 5pm these days, but the WOW walls continue! Army Lane was enhanced on Tuesday, Library wall Thursday. 
We have one more wall-writing session at Army Lane next Tuesday, to make it look as bright and beautiful as possible for the launch. Come on down to Cafe Thipatiy next Saturday, 22nd June, at 11am. Meet the WOW writers and their families, come on a walking tour of the installed WOW words around the CBD, and enjoy some food catered by the wonderful Cafe Thipatiy staff.
Shauna Stringer asks us how we are in Irish.

Harrison and P'Leah entertain us with a song and dance, Soe Son Di joining in. The spirits are always very high at the WOW wall writing sessions, it's always a good laugh. 

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