Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keeping It Real

 It's Thursday, May 2nd, 2013. The WOW team are watching a video in the Mibus Centre, upstairs at Horsham's Regional Library. 
Guess what they're watching on the laptop? 
The ABC Open video: "The Writing's On The Wall" 
starring themselves! 
There's Buket on ABC Open TV!

Some soulful writing from last Thursday's session at the Mibus Centre:

Harrison Htoo Po Kyaut  

To have a life in a bad world
Makes your dream cold and start to curl
But living in this world where people shine
you make good poems and your rhythms rhyme


Now that I'm in Australia, I will follow my dreams.
Now that I'm in Australia, I want to get a scholarship and go to university, then travel across the world.
With my opportunities, I will follow my dreams and help the people who are poor.

Soe Son Di Shwe ta Lee

I feel
special and cool
when I have a home
some food and family near
But when I look at the homeless people
I feel like I want to help them
but I cant, I dont know what to do
it costs so much


When I was in Thailand, I was about four years old
and I really wished to be a person who has enough money
a person my parents want me to be
I wanted to be a lot of things
but it just never happened
So I prayed to the Lord to make it happen
and found myself at Werribee

Things just got better
My family got enough food
And we had a house...school....money.
I felt so well
the problem was that my parents did not speak English so well

But now I live in Horsham
my life gets even better
My parents are now at English school
And also my dream came true
now I am in a writing club
and my brother is at soccer training
that is his dream
my parents' dream has come true too
because my dad now has a job
and the people of Horsham help my family
people are kind here

I know my real dream will come true
I know that
because things will get better
and I am in a better place
Now I love it here.

Bernad Ngendakumana

Life is like a dream
Some dreams are good
And you don't want to wake up
But you eventually wake up
And you wish you were back in that dream
Horsham is like a good dream
But with this dream
When you wake up
You are still there

Today, in Army Lane, Bernad coloured in a beautiful frame for his philosophical message about life being a journey that has brought him to Horsham. I think the Army Lane wall is calling out for the whole poem from above the photo. I'm sure we can find a  place for it next Tuesday. 
It was Harrison who finished off the top line in Bernad's frame: "Love is safe." I had never thought about love being safe, I asked him what that meant for him. He answered, "When you love someone, it makes you feel safe". This is what I'm really lapping up during these WOW sessions, I'm being given so many fresh perspectives on the things in life that really matter most. I am sure readers and viewers are finding this to be the case also.

P'Leah Htoo Po Kyaut

I love living in Horsham.
My dream is to be a doctor.
When I am older, I want to go to Melbourne University.
I want to get a scholarship and a great job.


I would love it if all my family could come to Australia
And live a great life.


In my own world, 
everyone would live in peace
and guns would not be invented.
All of the bad stuff would not be invented.
everybody would greet each other with a smile.


  1. Loved this Mars. Really touching. Great work.

  2. Thanks Keryn. I love their writing too. I wish we had the money and time to install these lengthier pieces of writing posted here.