Monday, April 8, 2013

Cafe Thipatiy!

Today the WOW group became cafe writers. Writing in a friendly cafe with huge glass windows looking out onto the street....glasses of water, vanilla milkshakes, cups of hot chocolate being served while busily writing "belonging to Horsham" word lists...hedgehog slice served as well... yum!

But wait! That's not all! 
Now for the really exciting bit: Writing on the Wall! WOW!

Kaylene from Cafe Thipatiy was so generous, she even provided a huge tub of chalk for the writing group to get started on the wall. Thank-you Kaylene.

P'Leah writing up her "belonging" words. P'Leah has beautiful handwriting, especially for one who has only been writing in English for a few years.

 Buket and P'leah working together on their word-wall. Buket is originally from Turkey. I had already met Buket through  teaching at her school last year, Horsham Primary. I was delighted to meet up with her again in this group, she is a wonderful thinker and writer.

Hozaira Ahmad just joined the WOW group today. Hazaira's parents moved from Pakistan to New Zealand in 1999, where her father was doing his PhD, then they moved to Adelaide in 2003, then Horsham in 2011. Yaren was being a very good friend to Hozaira today at Cafe Thipatiy, making sure that Hozaira was feeling perfectly comfortable and informed about our new WOW writing club. This is Yaren's third WOW session. She arrived in Horsham in 2009, all the way from Turkey. Yaren is Buket's sister, and is fantastic at coming up with new thoughts and ideas about how she connects to Horsham.

Madhu is a wordsmith! That means that she is very skilful at finding the right word for the right job. Those six words on the wall behind Madhu say so much on their own. Check out Madhu's completed wall below....or even better, come and check it out for real: Cafe Thipatiy, Army Lane, Horsham. Off Roberts Avenue, if you don't already know about it. Great coffee, great food, great service, great place!

You can zoom in on these photos by clicking on them individually.

A big thank-you also to Robert of Horsham Disposals for permission to write on his wall. 

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