Monday, April 22, 2013

WOW at the Mibus Centre

Our first WOW session at the Mibus Centre, upstairs at Horsham Library...what a fantastic space!  

P'Leah, Buket, Madhu, Yaren and Hozaira set about writing about what "home" means to them at this point of their lives. 

P'Leah: I love my home because it is safe for me. Australian     
               homes are really safe because they are made out of brick.    
               My home is safe for everyone in it.
               My home in my old country wasn't safe for me.

Buket:   At home we cook food, we keep warm and live there. 
               Every morning I wake up in my bed and then go to 
               school. My home is kind of my heart. 
               Every night my heart sleeps in my bed with me. 
               I am in a new country and it is my home for now. 
               Now my heart lies in this country.

Madhu: You should love your home with all your heart because     
               home is a place that gives you a safe feeling. 
               I like living in Australia, while India is always a home in 
               my heart. 

(L to R) P'Leah, Buket, Madhu
Yaren:  At home, I enjoy my mum's food. My mum is a good cook.     
               My mum cooks too much food sometimes! 
               I love my mum. 
               My house is beautiful. My heart feels warm.

Hozaira: I like to play and work at home. 
               My mum likes to cook at home. 
               I love to work and be me, and my brother is funny.
               My home country is Pakistan.



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