Thursday, April 11, 2013

Horsham is...

The Cafe Thipatiy wall piece was completed today by Madhu, P'Leah and P'Leah's sister, Sarah. Sarah is only six years of age, but we thought she did a beautiful job of colouring in bricks to frame the writing blocks.

To zoom in for a closer look, just click on the photo.

It looks fabulous now it's finished! 

And we don't even mind if it rains all over the writing.
We all need the rain. 
We have plenty of photos of this first piece of wall writing.

And we already know what we are going to put up on this wall for next time....
because after we finished with the Cafe Thipatiy wall today, we walked to the Horsham library to continue with our writing session. All the other WOW members were away because of school holidays, so Sarah was invited to join in with the writing exercises. We worked on a new form of Word-Art poetry, especially designed for brick wall writing. 

Keep an eye on this wall.

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