Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tina Kalenzo

Tina on top of Mt Arapiles last Saturday morning.

Tina told me that the mountain reminded her of Tanzania. We had a lovely time sitting up there with the 360 degree view. To see so far all around you can bring up memories and dreams at the same time. Sitting up there with the solid rock underneath us seemed to also bring feelings of solidarity and promise...we both felt very calm and safe and hopeful about the future. What a lovely way to start the day!

(Note the WOW blog on the laptop at the bottom left of photo)
Here is Tina painting at the Goat gallery in Natimuk. We thought that as I'm minding the gallery for my exhibition this month, it would be a great time to talk and paint and write together. 
But first we visited Nati Cafe for lunch....I went for the yummy rice and lentil salad....and Tina enjoyed the delicious quiche and salad....out in the back garden under the beautiful oak tree, with the sun shining...the lovely day continues! 
Tina talked to me while she painted, about trying to settle into a new town when you come from a different country and culture. She has some really interesting and important stories to share....being an Afro-Australian in a town like Horsham, a place where quite a few residents seem to feel "confronted" by meeting someone who has dark brown skin...it's not an easy ride. I will encourage her to write them down in our next WOW session, as they might help some readers to discover one or two things about themselves. 
And check out this photo below... That Irish-Australian skin of mine is looking  dangerously pink under this ozoneless Victorian sky.... Tina's is looking comfortably brown. Yes, that's pink and brown... funnily or not funnily, we both know of people who would swear our skins were white and black. They must be colour-blind.

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  1. Fantastic! What a wonderful experience - and I hope, a positive one. Well done Tina for being involved with this project and Thank You Mars for leading our new Aussie's on this journey.