Monday, March 25, 2013

Warming up with writing games

Speed writing, collaborative writing/drawing, alliterative writing, associative writing, 
comparitive lists, 
rhyming poetry, 
free verse .... 
these are some of the fun ways to help us warm up for a productive writing session. 
We've had seven writers attending the WOW sessions so far: 
 Soe Son di, 
and Yaren. 
All of these writers identify with more than one culture, so we are learning a lot about how life can be lived so differently in different countries. 

Writing is a journey of discovering new things about ourselves and about our friends, families, our fellow WOW writers, our town and country. The WOW sessions are about feeling free to write as much as we can, without being held back by worrying about spelling or punctuation or grammar. Wow is about writing about things that are important to us, and getting the words which fly around randomly inside our brains to flow freely out onto the paper provided, whichever way it works!

This project is exciting for the WOW writers for many reasons, but the most exciting reason is that their writing will go up on the walls of Horsham in permanent stainless steel installations, to be read over and over again by the people of Horsham for years to come! 

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