Sunday, May 12, 2013

The WOW club is still growing!

Welcome Sentia and Tah! We had a record number of twelve WOW writers in Army Lane last Tuesday, ready for action.

A giant THANK-YOU to Kaylene and Narelle of Cafe Thipatiy for catering for the WOW club, this fantastic project couldn't have worked this well without your flexibility, friendliness and patience.
Cafe Thipatiy has been the perfect place for the WOW club members to meet up, drink delicious beverages, eat yummy hedgehog and lemon slice, and think about the next stage of Writing on the Wall. 
We are using fantastic chalks from Ace Art and Stationery Suppliers, Firebrace st, Horsham for this WOW project. Terry is such a friendly manager there, with a great memory for names and faces. And we are using recycled paper notebooks, which I buy from Trev's Bargain Emporium, corner of Wilson and Darlot Streets, Horsham. 
  I think Horsham is a nice and quiet place.
I feel completely safe.
I feel that I have no war that I must run from
or seek refuge from...

It's a very important message for us all:  that if you have managed to survive war in your home country, then survive years in a refugee camp in another country, Horsham in comparison must feel really safe and quiet and friendly. Thank-you so much for sharing this with the rest of Horsham, Sentia. 

Madhu, Soe Son Di, P'Leah and Bernad work overtime again last Tuesday to make this special wall speak loudly with colour. Once more, a big Thank-You to Robert of Horsham Disposals for offering  his Army lane wall to the WOW project. It's this kind of trust and open-mindedness that makes a community stronger, healthier and more attractive! 

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